Cost of Addiction vs. Cost of Luxury Rehab

The Oxford Dictionary defines addiction as, “the act or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, activity or thing”. The keywords here are “substance, activity or thing”, which are indicative of the fact that one can be addicted to anything ranging from drugs to sex. However, one must bear in mind that even the best of us can fall prey to this affliction.

Some, however, choose not to get help even though they have accepted and acknowledged this problem; for many the financial constraint of going to rehab, let alone, luxury rehab is a deterrent. But at what cost? To understand this one must first figure out why addiction is costly. The answer is simple:

The Cost of Drugs

Users spend most of their valuable money on getting a “fix”. With increasing intake of substances, and longer periods of use, the amount spent on purchasing drugs is also higher.

Loss of Productivity At Work

Someone who is addicted to something will experience the urge always to be using. In most cases, he/she may also be more focused on procuring the next dose, and hence, would lose concentration at work or not go in at all.

Legal Fines/Medical Bills

Addicts may have frequent run-ins with the law or may have to incur heavy fee due to any mental or physical issues as a result of using. Such people will also mostly have poor health or may be unhappy.

Deterioration of Relationships

Substance abuse or any other type of addiction is detrimental to one’s relationships. It creates tension and generates feelings of loss and regret. Addicts find it hard to maintain relationships.

On the other hand, let us assess the cost of attending luxury rehab. For most people the word luxury is off-putting, but an in-depth analysis of the benefits will prove otherwise.

Friendly Environment

The atmosphere is an important part of the rehab process. Patients must feel safe and secure with wherever they are staying; they should be able to trust their caretakers, which include the nurses, doctors, therapists. Furthermore, patients might be able to empathize and relate to one another given that they are experiencing the same circumstances.

Extensive Amenities

Luxury rehab centers can provide an array of facilities including, but not limited to, gourmet meals, outdoor activities, arts and private rooms. This allows the patient to indulge in healthy activities, and maintain a positive network of people.

Better Window of Opportunity

Luxury rehab centers offer an overall better treatment due to the lack of any financial limitations. This results in adequate staff members and allocation of human resources and individual attention to the patient. Also, this means such facilities might be able to sustain longer programs, which according to research, increase the chances of sobriety in patients.

More Savings In The Long Run

The amount of both money and time one saves by being clean is astounding. People fail to realize that addiction not only costs you financially but also adversely affects working ability, promotions, etc. But once you choose to rid yourself of this disease, you can save money and time instead of indulging in or satisfying your urges.

Hence, I would like to remind everyone that even though luxury rehab costs more, the benefits of such treatment centers far exceed the money expended on them. In the end, the well-being of your loved ones or yourself should be the paramount concern; nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important than this. So, I urge everyone out there to get help as soon as possible.

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